Paul and his wife Marie and all 8 of their children

"Untouchables" Dell Comic (1961)

Playboy Magazine article
"Bestvested Investigators"

Paul with Ida Lupino from TV
movie "The Face of Danger"

"Saddletramp" (1950)

"Breakthough" lobby card (1950)

"Drive A Crooked Road" lobby card
Mickey Rooney (1954)

"The Tanks Are Coming" lobby card (1951)

"Torpedo Run" (1958) with Ernest Borgnine
and Glenn Ford

"Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison"

Paul with Buddy Ebsen in his first play
in Hollywood

Paul on the set with "Batman" Adam West and
Charlie(Paul"s brother) with 3 of Paul's children

Paul, standing at right, with his bomber crew when
stationed in Walla Walla. (1944)

"The Big Caper" lobby card (1957) shown with James Gregory and Rory Calhoun

"Command Decision" (1949) play

Paul and his manager John Gloske on the
set of the TV show "7 Days"
Paul & John were featured on the show


Paul with Peggy McKay
star of daytime show
"The Young Marrieds"


Paul with Robert Vaughn and
Paul Newman from
"The Young Philidephians"


Paul with wax girl from
"House of Wax"


Paul & Telly Savales in "Beyond the
Poseidon Adventure"


Paul on left with Bruce Gordon from a
Lucy Special. Bruce played Frank Nitti
on "The Untouchables"

Paul Picerni with grandaughter "Katie Moran"
Miss Moran is also an actress.

Charlie Picerni operating the camera
during filming and directing the first
episode of Starsky and Hutch.

Charlie Picerni doubling for his brother
Paul. He is being hit by a car during the
filming of "On Playboy Island"
Stuntman Frank Orsatti who was driving
the car needed ten stiches on his hands
after the windshield broke.

Charlie Picerni driving into the Pacific
Ocean in Honolulu. He was trapped under
20 feet of water when the seat belt jammed.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity
he broke free. Paul was on shore.